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The union with the female energy and the sacred space of the womb

Yoni ( योनि ) is the source of all creation and the origin of life

The womb, is really a sacred space, it is a sacred place from which human life is really born and continues to be born everyday, many connect Yoni to a more external manifestation of the female genitals, this is because a great part of the sacredness and respect for the womb and the female nature has been lost, many women have been disconnect from their womb energy and by extension their sexual energy, which has many effects beyond the external manifestation.

The womb is one of the most important organs in a woman, she has her own emotional intelligence and she perceives in its own way, the energy and vibrations we receive, it is a second brain that can and does feel, record and store wishes, vibrations we experience, every feeling or tension is recorded in the womb.

The womb in a woman’s life, may suffer from multiple injuries, every person can leave his or her own mark in the womb, whether positive or negative, from the relationship with parents to the partners a woman have in her life, everyone leaves a footprint, that the womb records. Healing wounds or recorded emotions, is very important so a woman be able to unite with the energy of her womb and to feel complete.

Many women have been disconnect from their femininity and feminine energy within them, resulting in several issues that may arise, from lack of coverage of emotional needs to fertility problems, that are the most common issue when a woman is disconnect from her womb and by extension, by herself. Essentially, disconnect from the womb, to make it more comprehensible, creates a disconnection and a non-acceptance of ourselves, our needs and desires.

All organs, have their own memory, the heart, the liver, the kidneys have their own special personalities and intelligence, so they can also record feelings, that often create blockages, so we should be especially careful because they often have a great impact on the body, health, psychology and the quality of life, creating a disharmony and many problems. The womb is of great importance to women and contribute in psychology, emotions, personality and health of course, as well as self-acceptance that is very important to our nature. The organs of sexual momentum, the genitals, play a very important role in the overall balance of a person, that’ s why through ancient religions and traditions they had special attention always, in order to achieve the reconciliation of the body with the inner nature. In western culture, it’s time to understand the importance of some things better so that we can evolve.



The balance of feminine and male energies within the body, is very important for a person to be healthy, especially to a woman who in the present society often has the male side forced to prevail within her. It is necessary to develop the feminine energy properly so that the womb can act in the human nature and restore the truths, and the reality that brings us to life, the feminine side is so important. The purpose of the woman’s integration is to dedicate her to life, so that she can realize that important role, which is beyond religions and social foundations.

The activation and “awakening” of the womb, is very important as the energies included within it, especially in the newer civilization and in society, which have been forgotten and the inner energies hidden within us are unknown. The womb, has its own memory, it has its own part of power in life and in ourselves, looking for its own identity and the harmony of coexistence with our spiritual and physical level, claims in a purely own way, silently, her part in life, but also in the coexistence and in the relationship of two people. The womb, has feelings that are recorded in the memory of the species, and specifically in the coded memory of dna. That is why the moment of conception, is very important and gives specific energies to the womb at the given moment, but also to the embryo, as we are born in the image and likeness, meaning that the energies we give at this moment are copied inside the womb, in the embryo, but also in the dna.

The reason of many things happening in the soul and the body, are connected to the womb and has to do with two words “resistance” and “acceptance”, physical pain, psychological traumas, as well as emotional issues, have to do with the womb, but also in general with the actions associated with it, when the resistance stops, the reason for the existence of e.g. of pain when talking about period pains, that many women experience and suffer, such as infertility, mental problems but also emotional blockages that can lead from gynecological problems, pessimism, to the lack of self-confidence and the personality that a woman can have.


Η συχνότερη ερώτηση προέρχεται από τις γυναίκες που για κάποιο λόγο δεν έχουν μήτρα, ρωτώντας «εγώ δεν έχω μήτρα, αρά δεν μπορώ να συνδεθώ μαζί της ;», όταν λέμε μήτρα δεν εννοούμε μόνο το όργανο καθαυτό που είναι μόνο η φυσική του προέκταση, η μήτρα είναι η θηλυκή ενέργεια σε κάθε γυναίκα και φυσικά μπορεί να συνδεθεί μαζί της, η πηγή της ενέργειας αυτής βρίσκεται κάτω από τον αφαλό έως και το οστό της ήβης, δημιουργώντας ένα τρίγωνο με τη μύτη προς τα κάτω που είναι και το σύμβολο του στοιχείου του νερού. 

Αυτό το σημείο ενέργειας είναι πολύ ισχυρό και είτε μια γυναίκα δεν έχει μήτρα είτε είναι σε περίοδο εμμηνόπαυσης, πάντα υπάρχει και είναι πάντα δυνατό. Η «έλλειψη» μήτρα ή έμμηνου ρήσεως δεν κάνει καμιά γυναίκα λιγότερο δυνατή κάθε άλλο, ενεργειακά είναι ισχυρότερη μιας και η θηλυκή ενέργεια αντί να αποσπάται προς τα έξω μπορεί να απορροφάται με όποιον τρόπο η ίδια επιθυμεί.

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